Sunday, October 5, 2008

just call me miss raider...

tomb raider that is!! Hey all! Its been way too long, I know, but we've hit dial-up ville again, so it was difficult to follow up on high-tech stuff:) haha...that, or we were just having too much fun playing Lara Croft amongst the temples of Angkor:) So, before you ask yourself...what is she talking about??, get to Blockbuster and rent Tomb Raider...the temples with the trees growing throughout it...that's it!! We had sooo much fun seeing all that we could in 3days.
and, until we upload our own photos...check these out:
The photo at the top is from Angkor Wat...sorry but its another image from Getty Images!

Besides that...Austin went into the jungle for 9days in Northern Cambodia. Summation: he....trekked through a rainforest, found some grasslands, ate tons of rice and noodle, and the usual jungle fare...river fish, bats, snakes, and baby bamboo! He....slept practically every night in a hammock in the rain, found out where the locals get the wood to build their house...he was...ravaged by leeches...but made it back to me in one piece:) And guess what??? He loved every minute of it....a little hungry when he got back, but he said his trip was complete with smiles and charm and the local guides made his trip!

Where was I?? remember the blog about brick walls huh?? Well, I was at the beach, and just so you know...I was never successful with the whole friend making scheme:) haha...I was actually stood up one night!! I laugh it off though, because the backbackers in this beach town were a force to be reckoned with and wanted nothing to do with "outsiders"! So, I enjoyed a gorgeous view from my beach hut and very much enjoyed my quiet time by the ocean!

So now, we are in Bangkok, Thailand...knocking off the "To-Do's"...and to stuff our faces with some awesome Thai cuisine!

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