Saturday, November 22, 2008

don't tell my mom...

that I've been run over by a car, lost at sea...twice, stung by malaria filled mosquitos, been victim of an attempted break in...that I'm stuck in Bangkok admist protests...that I steer Elephants by my lonesome while holding onto sugarcane(their fave)...and so much more! Some of you have asked for the good stuff...the stuff we don't tell our I figured what the heck, we've I'll just say it:) Because, these are the things that make our trip flavorful:) So the story goes....since we've last been up to date with the blogs...we've gone back to Indonesia. We went to Pulau Weh to do some diving for about 9days. Little did we know in those 9days we would be lost at sea TWICE:) woops! We laugh about it now, but we were slightly pissed when this went down. Austin and I were way down deep having a dive with an experienced dive master and some guy from Singapore, who sucked at diving..but no judgement here, just that later we would find out it was all his dang fault.....anywho! Another group underwater is making the sign for shark...usually I like to go the opposite way when that happens, but as we are in super warm waters, the sharks aren't scary, but often very we turn to follow the other group. But the little guy has gone, so our group turn yet again and proceed on our merry lil way. The currents begin to pick up and our dive master motions for Austin and I(who are teamed up as "buddies") to follow him to the sandy bottom where the currents are more manageable. So we do...then ZIPPIDY DOO DA...we turn our heads and just like that, our dive master has disappeared....what in tarnations!!! So Austin and I do what experts like us(haha) were taught...look for one minute, if you can't find them, do a 3minute stop in 5meters of water, then surface. So, to interrupt here...we don't have watches and Frank surely doesn't know where 5meters is:) woops! So we attach ourself to the corral, trying not to hold on to that ole Scorpion fish whose poison will put our arms out of commission for life, and we wait in what our gauge says is 9meters and for what our watches that we don't have tell us is about 3minutes. LOVELY:) The current is beating us up too:) So we surface! The boat is close by, so no worries moms and dads:)

But wait, it gets better....our dive master gets on the boat and asks US where WE went...ahhaha!!!

He would later lose Austin that same day. But that time was not his fault but simply mother nature! But don't worry...we found him:)

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