Tuesday, September 9, 2008

border crossing...

hey guys!! Just wanted to let everyone know that we are now in CAMBODIA...via a walking border crossing and a 2hour bumpy ride on the back of a motobike:) Yesterday, Austin and I set out to test the waters of the recently opened border crossing b/w Vietnam and Cambodia...hoping that since our Vietnam visas were currently expired that this border would offer Cambodian visas like we read about...GUESS WHAT?? Much against our usual luck, it did:) And off we set via our feet on a dirt road with little kiosk looking guard stands...no checking of luggage, no machines to pass them and ourselves through...no worry about customs...just an inflated fee and a few biting ants and WE'RE HERE!! Well almost...we did have to hire motobikes from Vietnam($7pax for over 2hours) to our destination. The scenery was breathtaking, stilt houses high above the rice fields, foreground for lush mountains behind...locals lounging about in the shade(it was lunch time), and cows meandering to find a resting place! If I hadn't feared a lunch of mud and bugs, my mouth would have stayed wide open with the hugest grin in awe of the beauty beyond.

we are currently cooped up at a wonderful guesthouse in a town that is only known for its seafood...and boy is it some kind of good!!! Brings me back to home(the real la kids!)!! The town we are in is Kep...a sleepy little town, but wonderfully relaxing!! Used to be a mecca for the French elite in 1908, but sadly, the Khmer Rouge destroyed it:( And now, all that remains of way back when are burned out villas...but use your imagination and you can surely see all their beauty. But now, its becoming more popular and the view from where I'm sitting is spectacular...even though it is a bit rainy at the moment:(

curious? www.keplodge.com
*pics here are a view from the room, and view from pool & restaurant

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