Friday, August 29, 2008

up to date...

aside from the devastating events of photo eating viruses, we are having a you might have suspected:) We are in Vietnam right now! Yes, Goodmorning to you too! So far we have explored Hanoi, Halong Bay via Junk, a super rainy rainforest, Hue, the DMZ, Hoi An, the highlands...and now since none of those names mean much to you....a run down!

  • Hanoi: fantasmically refreshing after having enough of China:) We wandered through the Old Quarter, the French Quarter, Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum(preserved body and all), found deliciously refreshing sugar cane drinks, and ate and ate and ate...

  • Halong Bay: we boarding our Junk(sailing boat) and set off into the unknown! We did a 3 day 2 night trip in the bay...kayaked around, sunbathed, Austin trekked.

  • Ninh Bihn: small town with beautiful sites to see around....including a boat ride along a river that is formed between the karsts...the ride goes through 3 caves, a skooter ride through the country side, a view from heaven...atop a limestone karst, and even a jungle trek that both of us went on...and we stayed with the locals 1 night

  • Hue: former capital. citadel and all...even a citadel within a citadel within a citadel. we liked it here, we rented skooters and just drove and drove and drove, until Frankie tried to hop onto a sidewalk to park and pressed the gas instead of the brake:) heeeheeee clumsy. but before f crashed, we drove out to the tombs of Tu Duc, which are set within a lush landscape and dilapitated stone temples...very beautiful! we also ate and ate and ate...even an imperial feast one night(wait till you see these pics),_Vietnam

  • Hoi An: beautiful city by the river. with tons of tailors...if anyone wants a beautiful custom made $80 suit, silk lining and all, go here! f skipped a's trip to the beach inorder to indulge in a little girl time shopping:) Austin took a snorkeling trip and saw tons of squid...but nothing compares to Indo! We also did a cooking class here! Very intertaining, but we did it, made Vietnamese pancakes(very taco-like), rice paper, spring rolls...and everything turned out delicious!! So to tell you about our favorite dish so far...Bahn Xeo...a thin rice batter pancake filled with shrimp, sometimes beef/pork, and bean sprouts; served fresh veggies(lettuce, mint, vietnamese basil, cilantro) and rice paper....take the rice paper in hand, put the pancake open faced on the paper, fill it with veggies, roll it up and dip it!!! YUMMY! we also saw My Son.... and did a trip through the DMZ ...including the

  • we then went to a little town not really worth mentioning xcept for the food we ate and the bus ride described earlier

  • Dalat: now we are posted up in Dalat in the highlands of Vietnam! Tired of the hot weather and craving some rigorous adventure, we will set up shop here for a few days for Rapelling through waterfalls and bikeriding through jungles and farms:) Enjoying it so far...and guess what?? THERE'S TONS OF WINE HERE....Dalat wine is widely available all throughout Vietnam, and now...we are right smack dab in the center of all the gloriousness:)

okay...thats enough for now....we know all you really want are pics and don't really read these;)

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