Thursday, August 28, 2008

tooter mcgrooder...

ever taken a mini van with 25 other people, capacity for only 14...driver honking all of the 11 hours you are on the bus, bags falling on your head, smokers puffing away, passengers silently getting carsick?? No?? Well maybe you've been on a bus with a maniac driver who takes blind curves at unbelievable speeds on a one lane road in a country that doesn't have or doesn't abide by traffic laws...except for one: I'm big, you are small...MOVE. No?? Surely you've been jammed next to someone you don't know nodding off to sleep on your shoulder while crabs attempt to feast on your little toesies?? hahha...guess not, except for maybe you, Corina:) This is the image that should pop into your heads when we say "bus ride"! Aaaaah...what a journey...literally:)

this is what its all about!!!

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