Thursday, April 2, 2009

hike-a-doodle dandi...

hey guys, just throwing up a post to keep you up to our whereabouts...soon the where will be back in the ole USA. We aren't really sure how to sort out our feelings about that, but, YES...we do miss all of you, but, NO...we aren't looking forward to jobs, traffic, and the rest of the real world:) haha...enough downers.
so, AP and I just took a lovely overnight hike that had us cocooned up in all of the warmest clothes we could find, double socks, scarfs, socks on our hands, sleep sak, sleeping bag, and not to mention the ultimate tool, the EMERGENCY BLANKET! If you guessed, it was cold:) hahah...the emergency blankets work like a charm though, so we were perfectly cozy! We took a little hike on one of Australia's many tracks and left the next day, sleeping near a beautiful lake, and just catching a few drops of rain on the way out. But, we treated ourselves to a nice self-contained cottage with a wood fire to reward our strength!! (side note: nothing compares to the monstrous 15mile hike-a-doodle this noodle popped out in one day...oh yeah!) champs, we will continue to reward ourselves by visiting a Cidery today and tasting up some scrumdiddly apples that turned to booze:) In the next coupla days, we'll be heading to Margaret River to sample some fab wines....if you don't know, Australia has some GREAT wines, check em out!!! Some faves: Turkey Flats, Cambels(yummy muscats), Kangarilla Road(try the primitivo...and I know I've seen the name around)...anywho, I'll keep this updated...don't you fret my pet:)

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