Saturday, February 28, 2009

road trippin...

in OZ!!  Hey guys!    
We had a GREAT drive down from Sydney to Melbourne!  It was so much fun!  We rented a car and took off behind the wheel for the first time in almost 11months!!!!  Lemme tell you, its super fun driving on the right side of the car...and SUPER SCARY for about ohhhh....several dayz!  Its really hard to adjust, but eventually, we did it!  Well that was after a bit of off-roading...and I don't mean for fun:) yeah, we rented a fantastic Toyota Corolla Hatchback...oh yeah...the hatch is Back!!!  We drove from town to town, sleeping in quaint little hotel/ of which Charles Darwin stayed!  We did some great hiking in the Blue Mountains(world heritage listed)...sampled lovely foods(I'm in LOVE with pies!!!)...saw tons of kangaroos right on the side of the road!!  and beautiful parrots...we sampled more delish food...went to the world's smallest rodeo(livestock contests, dog jumping, pimped out tractor racing...some with fire out the back, some bull riding, largest zucchini contests) THE WORKS! We even took an overnight hiking trip to our own private beach!  That was super fun...we even had a wombat chomping on grass right outside our tent!!!  It woke me up in the middle of the night...I thought it was Austin getting into the food rations...heeeheee!  You should have seen how gorgeous the beach was, and because you have to hike out...not a single soul was around...but no skinny dippin for us, the water was FREEZING!  haha!  Oh, and don't tell my mom that we almost lost the trail:)  

We had so much fun just hopping from small town to small town...all with funny names of course:) But all good things must come to an end...and by "good things", I just mean dropping off the conveniently tiny hatchback and exchanging it for a monster, 4wheel drive, manual shift, Champa Campa!!  

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