Sunday, January 4, 2009

what it is...

yo! Hey guys...just sitting here wondering what ya'll are all up to...but then I'm sure that ya'll are just thinking about me:) hahah! Modesty is my thang!

But for real, just figured its been long enough so I should give an update! So, up-to-date...

We are currently(well at the time I started to write this blog) floating around with oxygen tanks strapped to our backs with hoses in our mouths and gooogles on our eyes....yup, you guessed it...SCUBA JUNKIES...that's us! Except the difference is this time we've taken friends from Cali hostage:) Austin's friends have been traveling with us and enjoying our little adventures. Tasting what AP and I are calling roughing it:) ahhah! We've also spent a little time out of the sun and up in dat jungle yo! Interjection: no camping, no long hikes, no leeches(well no leeches actually getting blood out of us, but plenty around)! So I was just alright with this one:) We did spot some crazy kool monkeys, probiscous...not sure how to spell and the heat has drained out all energy to look it up, in fact, I'm barely able to type right now. Anyways...we saw tons of monkeys and hornbills. The diving was absolutely fantastic!!! Oh, by the way, please don't tell my mom that we were surrounded my tons of sharks on every dive:)

So now(currently as in about to post) that they have left and I have talked myself out of spending every single night crying myself to sleep...we are in yet another dive spot about to spend a week of diving fun:) We are in an area of Indonesia called Raja Ampat...not quite sure what is out here yet, but I'll tell ya soon:)

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