Wednesday, April 30, 2008

trips n dips

So, Austin and I are now on the island of Flores, Indonesia. We arrived here via sea sickness and a boat called Perama. Along the way, we stopped and smiled at the Komodos, or wait, did they smile at us:) haha...those pics will come within a few weeks!! We slept on the boat for 2 nights...well, at least we tried. But now we are in a one horse town with lots of trash on the is a fishing town called Labuan Bajo....basically ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do here but leave:) is just a town for departure and arrival to and from Komodo Island and diving around here...etc. Austin and I spent 4 lovely nights on an island around here called Seraya Island. Pretty much deserted except for one resort....well, small shacks along the beach with outside bathrooms....BUT ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!!!! I have never enjoyed remoteness quite like this before. The sun would rise through our window every morning at 5.30 am...and we would hop up to start a full day of lounging, eating, and snorkeling...really, that's about it! But all well worth it....saw beautiful Lion fish, tons of star fish, clams, reef fish, angel fish, and yes....A SHARK(about a 4 foot Black Tip Reef Shark that is no bigger than me)....but they don't want us....not enough meat(well that's what I keep trying to convince myself anyway...hahah)!!! But now we are back in Labuan Bajo and going to dive for the next 3 days...surely I'll see more sharks, pee my pants, and then get whisped away by the current:) Sounds like fun right:) hahha!!! We will also be touring Rinca(Rincha), which is an island right next to Komodo that also has dragons on it, and maybe more visible wildlife....we'll see....those wild things tend to be finicky....little poopers:) We only get to see the lazy ones that are lounging around the kitchen waiting for the lasted chicken head to accidentally roll off the chopping block:)
So long story and because my hands are tiring:)

Here's what we have done
Senggigi, Lombok --Indonesia **departure city and starting place...saw temples and not much else, city for successful pic uploads
Gili Trawangan, Lombok -- Indonesia **Island for certification for diving....3 sharks here
Kuta Beach, Lombok -- Indonesia **Surfing some waves dudes!!! AP and I caught some fab surf and whipped our longboards through em man:) well....we took lessons anyway:)
Perama Boat....2 nights, 3 days aboard a wooden boat that must be as old as Giligan's Island....and we know what happened there:)
Labuan Bajo, Flores -- Indonesia **diving, chilling, island hopping, mountain trekking(coming soon), crater (spell?) searching(coming soon), 10 hour public bus riding(coming soon)....and......
To make you all feel better, I think about everyone all day everyday and have decided that NO ONE can make any memorable and great memories without me!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so that may be a little selfish, so you'll all just have to get your butts to Indonesia and visit me:) Bring McDonalds, Pizza, Peanut Butter Twix, Jalapeno bagels from NY Bagel in B.R., a soft pretzel with cheese, Pinkberry(i know...i gave in to the fad), FLAMING HOT CHEETOS, and Honey Bunches of Oats with ya too:) PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

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riverbend said...

I am thinking of booking onto the PERAMA boat for the 5-day round trip. Can you recommend it?
Regards Peter from Australia email